WGD-242 Final Project

Image slideshow

Malamute in arizona.

Image Slideshow

This is another JQuery function. This function lets you take a group of images from a page and create a slide show out of them. I had a lot of trouble customizing this one and still don’t understand it fully. I know enough to get it running and make very miner cosmetic changes. I will need to play with it more too really see how it works and how far I can push it.

This function looks great and gives the page a modern feel. However, with the exception of having scrolling advertisements, I don’t see a lot of use for this. I like to have my options laid out in front of me. I don’t like them scrolling past on some slide show. Unless I need to post sponsor product links, I don’t see me using this a lot. Of course, if the client wants a slide show I now know how to make a slide show.