WGD-242 Final Project


MPicture of Chris as a young man and Steel, his Malamute

About the Theme

If you are thinking to yourself: “The content and the theme don’t match at all”, your right! That is because I was asked to create a template with a theme at the beginning of this course, and then given a subject matter for the page at the end of the course. The result is a theme whose content has nothing to do with the theme.

I picked the theme by finding something I liked and built the page around that topic. My topic was my Malamute Steel. I chose an image that I liked and made it the background for my header. I then pulled a light, a dark, and a neutral color from that image and built my color scheme around it. By doing this, my page blends well into the background image that is consistent on all of my pages.

All of the images are taken from my own collection. They are all images of Steel that I edited to fit as content in this page. The image on the side bar was chosen for its simple background. The dark center and bright edges made a great contrast to the dark background of the side bar. The background of the header is filled with bright colors that lend well to the bright background of the main content. It also allows me to lay dark text over it and it still be legible. The image on this page was picked because it is me and Steel and this section has a bit to do with me and my choices. I tend to put a border and a shadow on many of my images because I like the way it adds depth to the page. I also rounded the corners of this one to make it softer and add shape to it. I like the largely rounded corner on the bottom left that lets the text gradually wrap around the image. This was another attempt to make the page look more modern.

As for my layout, I started out with a page that had a pre-set width and centered it on the page with a light background color for the center content and a stronger color for the outlining dead space on both sides. My spouse then told me it looked like one of those old geocity websites. I then collected the shattered pieces of my ego and started again. I landed on a full screen look that had 2 columns. I saved the background for the title bar and put the main title, page title, and navigation bar in the header. I decided on a light background color to keep the page looking bright and cheerful and make the side bar dark to contrast the light color of the main content. The footer is green like the grass in the title bar background. This ties the footer in with the header and brings the whole page together. I like this look far better than the floating centered content page. I think this full screen approach looks more modern.